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TESLA Lighting invests in Czech Republic to LED lighting source development

  • TESLA Lighting opened unique photometric laboratory on the premises of Nuclear Research Institute Řež. Laboratory is equipped with integration sphere for precise measurement of light wavelength and lumens. And goniophotometer which is used for measuring light sources photometric curves.

    TESLA Lighting invested 3,000.000 CZK within the EU OPPI support program for development and innovation of light sources. Development is targeted to LED light sources.

    Professor Amano Hiroshi, laureate of Nobel Prize for physics in 2014 and inventor of blue LED quoted that by 2016 LED light sources will beat the incandescent bulbs.

    LED light sources and luminaires are at the moment most progressive light source. Effective transformation of electric current to light allows savings up to 90% in comparison to incandescent light sources and up to 50% in comparison to CFL (Compact Fluorescence Lamp) light sources. LED light sources offers direct retrofit option as number of standard sockets are used. Their construction offers long lifetime and numerous on/off cycles, instant full power, are much more eco-friendly design and easier recirculation.

    Testing center will be used primary by TESLA Lighting for own R&D and production quality assurance as well for cooperation with universities which were interested in excursions for their students. As well commercial services for third parties. Outputs from measuring devices are used for light simulation in multiple spaces to help customer understanding light level in required area for fulfilling legal requirements.

    By opening photometric laboratory strengths the effort of TESLA lighting to the supply only the highest quality products on the market and confirms its place along the high tech LED lighting manufacturers.


    Investment was co-financed within OPPI program.

    About TESLA Lighting

    TESLA Lighting is LED lighting source manufacturer with roots going as back as 1932. LED products are manufactured since 2012. The range includes LED bulbs, LED T8 tubes and luminaires for home as well as professional use.

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