Photometric laboratory Tesla

TESLA Lighting is offering services of photometric laboratory, which has been opened in March 2015. Laboratory is equipped with integration sphere used for precise measurement of light spectrum and lumen output. Second basic device is Goniometer used for measuring light curves of luminaire or light source.

Measurement output are Test reports which based on measuring device includes all necessary parameters about tested light source such as: Chromaticity Coordinates, Dominant wavelength, Rendering Index, Flux, Efficiency, Voltage, Power Factor and photometric dates used for light software 3D simulation.

If you will be interested in services of our laboratory, feel free to contact us.

Integrating sphere

    1. Light output in lm
    2. Light spectrum
    3. Measuring of electric parameters – Wattage, effectivity, voltage and current.
    4. Color temperature
    5. Placement in MacAdam ellipse
    6. Render index


    1. Measuring of light luminance curves distribution in space
    2. Lumen output
    3. Effectivity
    4. Beam angle
    5. Light distribution curve
    6. LUX distance curve
    7. UGR table
    8. Output in following formats PDF, IES, LTD


Investice byla spolufinancována v rámci programu OPPI.