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    When will an E27 bulb, i.e. Crystal 360° with 1300 lm luminosity be available?

    A Crystal 360° with a luminosity of 1250 lm and 12W consumption is already under test and will be shown this autumn. For the time being we can offer our most powerful light bulb with the 1300 lm output TESLA ECO Label Big Globe GL271430-1.

    I would like to ask about the TESLA LB24P404 ceiling light, sold by Eva.cz among others. Your website unfortunately gives no information about this light, is it really your product?

    This light is not a part of our range and never has been. The Eva company obtained permission from TESLA Holding a.s. for a one time import under the TESLA brand in 2012. Since March 2013 the only authorised user of the TESLA trade mark for LED lighting has been our company TESLA Lighting, based in the former TESLA building in Tusarova 57, Holešovice.

    I bought Tesla light bulbs with e27 and gu10 bases for my whole house based on information from your website on renewed production in Holešovice and I assumed that the bulbs would therefore be manufactured in the Czech Republic at a higher purchase price. After collecting them I discovered from the packaging that they are all made in China. I do not purchase Chinese goods which are not subject to European inspection, so I would ask you to send me a copy of a Conformity Certificate or Test Reports from mainstream laboratories showing the Tesla brand bulbs are safe and will not release harmful materials.

    The entire TESLA product portfolio is currently manufactured under exacting systematic technical supervision in pre-approved factories in Portugal and China, exactly as stated on our tesla-lighting.cz website. Design and technology development is performed in the Czech Republic at the original TESLA site in Holešovice. Nevertheless we would also be pleased to return to manufacturing in the Czech Republic, while looking around for a way for our products to be price-competitive.

    All products sold by us are certificated and are permitted to be sold within an EU and we can therefore assure you that TESLA Lighting products do not contain any of the harmful materials you refer to.

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