Hradec Králové Bus Terminal

  • The client was dealing with a long-term problem with lighting, mostly by continually exchanging the light sources in specific light fittings, which illuminated the terminal. These light fittings didn´t endure the enviroment and their service cost the city considerable amounts of money. Because of that, after testing our light sources, the old ones were gradually replaced by ours. The lights work since realization in 6/14 without any malfunctions and their high energy saving will ensure a fast returnability within a few months.

    • Past lighting: 250W reflector, 64pcs; 16 kW/hour
    • Present lighting: LED TESLA lighting 50W reflector, 64pcs; 3,2kW/hour
    • Daily saving: 154kW
    • Expected annual saving: 224,840 Kč