Design and Vintage Bulbs

Design and Vintage Bulbs

With chips placed on synthetic sapphire rods, it looks and shines like a tungsten filament bulb, making it a full-fledged replacement in even the most demanding design applications.

  • The look of classic incandescent lamps with the latest COG filament LED technology. High efficiency LED bulbs deliver savings of up to 90% (LED 4W ≈ 40W incandescent lamps). Glass flask.




  • Properties

    1. Filament LED technology with an efficiency of 95 lm / W
    2. Radiation and appearance of a classic light bulb
    3. Amber glass flask
    4. Environmentally friendly – free of mercury, lead and other hazardous substances
    5. No UV and IR radiation

  • Use

    1. Households, hotels, shops, galleries, offices, shopping centers, designer interiors

Product overview