Company History


    TESLA lighting is a Czech brand and a Czech company known worldwide as a leading supplier of light sources and lighting for all segments of family and professional life. TESLA lighting works maximally on innovation and quality – all our lights go through a series of measurements in our own laboratories, so that only light of the highest quality reaches you, our customers.

  • 1921

    • Company established under the ELEKTRA name.
  • 1932

    • Company purchased by Philips
    • Wireless set manufacturing
  • 1945

    • Light bulb manufacturing
    • Vacuum tube manufacturing
    • Wireless set manufacturing
  • 1946

    • TESLA established as a nationalised company
    • Low-voltage and electronic circuits
  • 1958

    • Transistor radio manufacturing started
  • 1953

    • First television transmitter commissioned
    • First relay link
  • 1991

    • Privatisation
    • Joint Stock Company
  • 2008

    • Majority holding taken by Irish finance company
  • 2012

    • TESLA back in Czech ownership
  • 2012

    • Establishment of TESLA Lighting
    • Under ISC Communication Czech a.s.
    • Located in the former TESLA premises
  • 2013

    • TESLA Lighting returns to the Czech lighting market with its unique patented LED crystal 360° technology.
  • 2013

    • Foreign market launches – Austria, Germany, USA…

Savings is the key

  • TESLA LED lighting offers fundamental electricity savings which can reach up to 80% compared to classic light. This means a significant reduction in CO2 emissions, while also being environmentally friendly since they contain no dangerous substances such as mercury, lead or cadmium.

  • Savings up to 80%

  • Over 100 projects completed

Confidence in the TESLA brand


    • Úspora

    • We keep our promises where the performance of LED lighting is concerned.

    You can have confidence in what we put on our product packaging, particularly the information on the duration of product light output and consumption equivalent when compared with ordinary lighting.

  • Savings is the key

    Use Tesla LED technology and reduce your energy expenditure, while enjoying the comforting feeling of doing something for our country’s environment.