About Us


  • About TESLA lighting

    TESLA lighting is a Czech brand and ranks among the technical innovation leaders on the market. Thanks to great emphasis on in-house r&D, it can offer the latest LED lighting shortly after it has been tested in specialized test facilities. It also performs systematic quality control directly in its factories.

  • LED lighting

    TESLA lighting’s catalog includes classical LED lighting for home and professional use, including bulbs, tubes, recessed and ceiling lamps, reflector and industrial LEDs including High Bay, lamps for street lighting, ground and floor lighting, tri-proof lighting with higher levels of protection.

  • LED Crystal 360°

    The company introduced an absolutely unique LED technology to the market at the end of 2013: Crystal 360°. For this new technology, the company received an award from the Czech Construction Academy – gold Prize for a product – technology of the year 2013, and the grand Prix from the professional jury at the For office 2014 trade fair.

  • Timelessness and effectivity are synonyms of TESLA lighting company, that`s why we only produce state-of-the-art LED lighting with respect to sustainability, frugality, long-term use and favourable prices for all our customers.

  • European Regional Development Fund

  • TESLA lighting was granted from the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade through the EC Structural Fond under Operational Programme Enterprise and Innovation (OPII) to co-finance the project “Innovations in Production at TESLA lighting s.r.o.”, project number (MSC2007) CZ.1.03/4.1.00/14.02406. Implementation in 2014.

TESLA lighting manufacturing


    • Quality

      Our products come with parameters requested for all certifications. These certifications allow us to sell our goods on domestic and foreign market.

    • Own output

      TESLA Lighting provides technological innovation in its own development laboratories, giving us the ability to deliver advanced LED technologies.

    • Specialists

      Team of LED technology specialists from Switzerland based in technology park handle innovation.

    • Diversity

      Our creative approach to innovation of our range of the most wide-ranging shapes of light sources using standard bases will impress you with their functionality, long life-time and diversity.

    • The Environment

      Tesla LED lights are some of the world’s outstanding, ECO friendly products. They need only a fraction of the energy of classic light bulbs, halogen lights, halide tubes and fluorescent lights.

    • Energy saving with LEDs

      This type of lighting not only reduces your carbon footprint, but by reducing maintenance costs and lowering your electricity bills, it also puts the money back in your pocket. Try out our calculator and find out how much energy you could save.